30 11 2007

Nothing’s worse than holding on to a dead trend, or even worse – jumping on the wagon too late. You end up looking cheese or like you’re trying way too hard… and failing. So, for winter and the New Year style on ’em. Check the played out fads after the commute.


Allover Print anything: I admit, I thought it was hot at first too. But more than two years have passed. It’s decomposing.

Hoodies: After the rhinestone/Bape/printed hoodie fad of last winter, give hoodies a rest. Cardigans, crew necks, and v-neck sweaters give you a grown street look. Hoodies are not dead, but…hibernating.

Thick Dookie Chains: We get it. You’re fresh. But you fugazi mofos ruined the fad EARLY. Thin chains are still fly, but the key is quality people.

Jocking other’s style: If you don’t have personal style, you have nothing.

Too Tight Jeans: One day you will want children.

Logos: Don’t be a walking billboard. What are these companies doing for you?




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