MUSIC: Styles P – Super Gangster (Extrodinary Gentleman)

30 11 2007

Another dope album from one of my favorite MCs. You know the formula: hard beats, hard rhymes, but there is some rather surprising production on the album which definitely makes it worth the cop. Review, tracklist and download after the commute.

Styles P wins the “Hard Hat Award” for being possibly today’s hardest working Hip-Hop artist. On his current third solo project, The Ghost stepped up to the plate once again and is now challenging the likes of Ghostface Killa & Scarface for the title of most consistent MC.

Quality rhymes have never been a problem for SP. The only space (and a little space it is) for improvement would be production. From the synth sounds of the first single “Blow Your Mind,” to the stripped down “Look @ Her,” to the hard pounding DMX-esque sounds of the Dame Grease production on “Shoot Niggas,” Super Gangster Extrodinary Gentleman has taken that lil space and made it even smaller.

There are a considerable number of features on the album. Fellow LOX members Jadakiss and Sheek Louch were guarantees and a past collaboration with Ghostface Killa (“Metal Lungies”, The Pretty Toney LP) has spawned another. Ghost Dieni teams with Styles on “Star Of The State” for a lovely ride. Ghostface describes this as “The Twin Ghost Experience.”

An unexpected collabo with one time rival Beanie Sigel turns out quite nice as SP and Beans square off tossing the mic to-and-fro for a few. And the Roots’ Black Thought, not to be out-done, also swings through to lend his skill on the track “Cause Im Black” for a brief discussion on recent injustices in the black community. 

All features did an outstanding job in face of the daunting task that is holding their own with another quality MC in the room . Thats whats up!

With his latest release SP has once again proven he is a master of his craft, and with that he has garnered the respect that he commands and deserves all too well.

1. Intro
2. Blow Your Mind (feat. Swizz Beatz)
3. Let’s Go (feat. Ray J)
4. Alone In The Street
5. In It To Win It (feat. Bully)
6. All I Know Is Pain (feat. Alchemist)
7. Got My Eyes On You (feat. Akon)
8. Green Piece Of Paper
9. Holiday (feat. Max B)
10. Look At Her
11. Da 80’s
12. Interlude (feat. Tony Roberts)
13. Shoot Niggas (feat. Raw Buck)
14. Super Gangster
15. Star Of The State (feat. Ghostface Killah)
16. U Ain’t Ready 4 Me (feat. Beanie Sigel)
17. Interlude (feat. Tony Roberts)
18. Gangster Gangster (feat. Sheek Louch & Jadakiss)
19. Cause I’m Black (feat. Black Thought




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30 11 2007
Read STYLES P - Super Gangster Extrodinary Gentleman

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3 12 2007

aint no flaws in this whole album really. Lol@ the corny ass title tho. I thought this shit was another mixtape at first cause of the bootleg title

Styles be killing these albums with the no-name production tho.


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