MUSIC: Jay-Ova

13 12 2007

Word has been going around that Jay-Z is about to be ousted from his position at Def Jam. (What does he actually do over there?) Anyway… as of now, talks to renew his contract are delayed and he has mad a big hoopla to about how “it’s not about money.” It better not be… greedy mafuggas. Check the rest of his quote after the commute.


From MTV.Com via

“We’ll see how it goes. But seriously, it’s not about money. That’s really the last thing. Of course you want to be compensated for what you do. But it’s really not about money.

“It’s really about the future of the music business, and not wasting anyone’s time. I don’t ever want to sit in a seat just to sit in a seat. I could be off doing something else that’s beneficial to the future of the music business as well as myself. So it’s not about money! I mean, you couldn’t pay me enough. And I don’t mean that in a cocky way.”

 Riiiiiiight… Jay-Z’s not cocky…




2 responses

14 12 2007

you sound like a hater to me. . .

14 12 2007


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