MUSIC: Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse

15 12 2007


The third installment to the critically acclaimed Mood Muzik mixtape series has finally poked its head out. Possibly the most anticipated non-retail album ever in history. From the few tracks that have made their way across the internet Joey hasn’t lost a step at all. From being released from his label to his feelings on his then label boss Jay-Z theres sure to be alot of stuff Mouse will begetting off his chest. Haven’t cracked it open myself but I’m anticipating something special. DON’T LET ME DOWN JOE!!!! “Its, its, its……………….its that on top music!” After the commute of course.

01. Hiatus
02. Ventilation
03. Talk 2 Em
04. Warfare feat Joell Ortiz
05. Invisible Man feat Emanny
06. Dear Diary
07. Get No Younger feat Ezo
08. Star Inside feat Suzzy Q
09. Killa BH Skit
10. Send Him Our Love
11. Family Reunion f/ Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock
12. 5th Gear
13. Roll Call
14. Secrets feat Emanny
15. All Of Me feat Emanny
16. Killa BH – Foldgers Brother
17. Long Way To Go feat Mr. Probz
18. Thou Shall Not Fall
19. Still My Hood


(Be on the lookout for the RMTL Mood Muzik3 review coming soon)




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