MUSIC: Tonight’s the Night

26 12 2007

Tonight the Golden Child takes the stage at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom, and RMTL will be in the motherfuckin’ building. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and knowing Nas, the show will probably start some time around 10. I am going to get there around 4, because it’s general admission and I am generally short. Check the short and sweet (like me) and (somewhat biased) review after the commute. 🙂

added: Link to video clips from the show


Check out for clips of the performance:

Let me start off by admitting my Nas stan-ness. He can come on stage, poop, and leave and I’d be wildin’.

Let me start with the pros: I got first row on the balcony, so I could see everything, YAY! Some wack DJ got booed off the stage for playing “Crank That Souja Boy” – he can never show his face at another NYC event EVER. The Finisher Mister Cee, a DJ on HOT97, came out and hyped the crowd. He played classic NYC tracks that any area hip hop fan should know, or at least pretend to. Guess which one I am?

Finally Nas got on stage. Marly Marl was spinning for him, and he had a live band to back him. He tore down classics from “Live at the Barbeque,” Illmatic of course, a few from It Was Written…. (The Message!!!!), son even performed “Oochie Wallie” with the whole Bravehearts crew. The crowd was screaming “Ether” hard and Marly Marl and Nas teased us and said “It’s coming.”

Nas brought on Busta Rhymes who performed “Get Low” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Him and Nas had a big love-fest, with Busta (rightfully) proclaiming Nas the REAL King of New York and Nas complimenting Busta on his “fly ass jacket” and “impeccable” ice. Son smelled the weed in the crowd and asked “I can smell it, but can I inhale it?” To which I answered that he can inhale anything he wants from me. Not sure what that woud be, but hey… He later went on to say that he got high backstage and needed to slow it down. But that didn’t stop him from taking swigs of Moet Rose straight from the bottle.

Now on to the cons: Son took it back to 97-style with a gang of people on stage. To an ADD-ish person like myself, that’s problematic when I’m trying to focus on Nas. There was one person in the crew I was trying to figure out if it was a man or woman. That got me for at least 20 minutes.

Anyway, I don’t think it was rehersed. There was no set lineup and Marly Marl didn’t have some of the tracks Nas wanted. It was kind of touch-and-go. Marly Marl would drop a track, and Nas would either do it or pass. At one point Nas told Marl to drop something “grimey” and dude puts on “If I Ruled the World.” Nas was like “I said ‘grimey’ – fuck it,” and rode the song out. No new songs from N-gger was performed, but Nas mentioned the album in passing.

Then it was over. I remember thinking “The fuck? Over?” I looked at my phone and it said 10:47. Son got on stage just after 9:30. I stood outside in the cold from 4:40 – 6:45. They just cut it and bounced. I even stood there as if it was a joke until all the house lights came on.

And what the fuck happened to L.E.S?

The Verdict: Nas performed classics that any hip hop fan would love to see performed live. And as I stated before, if God Son took a crap in the middle of the stage I would be telling everyone he killed it…  With that said, Nas killed it. 🙂




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