UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

28 12 2007

A man who goes by the name “E Jizza The Boss” and works for Raz-B and Ricky Romance’s JMC Management Group recently sent a message to Allhiphop.com. Dude calls Chris Stokes a “gay version of Suge Knight” – What a way to ring in the new year! Peep the message after the commute.

ALSO: Raz-B left a message on his Myspace playing down rumors that he is in hiding and shook down by the Bloods. Check that after the commute.

Via AHH: E Jizza Tha Boss told AllHipHop.com, “I’ve been quiet but not any longer. This story is just developing, if you don’t remember I’M the CEO of Ricky, and raz outside company JMC Management Group. RAZ WAS FORCED INTO THAT APOLOGY AND TRUST ME THIS S**T IS DEEP. If you take a close look at the video he couldn’t even look at the lens this was some street shit. But will be handle the proper way. Like Ricky said in the letter chris stokes is like a gay version of Suge Knight. Best way to say it if that makes sense. Get ready the F**k Chris Stokes Campaign is just getting started. It’s 100% true. Chris can’t find me!

Via Raz-B’s Myspace: Thursday, December 27, 2007


Let me explain this!

First and foremost, I do check my own myspace messages, I do know the password to my page (obviously), I do reply back to comments/messages, I do post blogs and bulletins so as far as this whole thing about people thinking someone broke into my account or that someone else is writing this and the bulletins I post or managing this site and I never get on here or whatever the case maybe as far as what people think in reference to this site right here, your wrong!

As I stated before, no I am not missing/no bloods is out to get me/can’t speak for other people though, but i will say no bloods are out to get me and as of right now, that’s my final word on the “Raz B is missing” matter.

Thank you for the support for those that have shown it.




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