A&E: Hottest Girl of 2007

3 01 2008

Super hottie Megan Fox is “sexiest babe of the year,” according to an AOL.com/Moviefone poll. She racked up 42 per cent of the votes, exceeding Jessica Alba by a 12 point stretch. Check the rest of The Best and Worst of 2007: Year-End Poll after the commute.

1. Which movie was worth your $10? 300 – 28%

2. Which movie was the biggest waste of your $10? Norbit – 35%

3. Which was the best movie sequel of 2007? The Bourne Ultimatum – 39%

4. Which was the worst movie sequel of 2007? Evan Almighty – 31%

5. Which movie made you laugh the hardest? SuperBad – 36%

6. Which movie was the most surprising hit? Wild Hogs – 29%

7. Which actor gave the best pair of performances? Matt Damon (‘Bourne Ultimatum,’ ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’) – 43%

8. Who was the breakout star of the year? Shia LaBeouf (‘Disturbia,’ ‘Transformers’) – 28%

9. Who was the best male villain? Ralph Fiennes (‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’) – 34%

10. Who was the best female villain? Angelina Jolie (‘Beowulf’) – 40%

11. Which was the best on-screen declaration? “This is Sparta!” (‘300’) – 41%

12. Which was the funniest line? “McLovin? … What are you trying to be, an Irish R&B singer?” (‘Superbad’) – 31%

13. Who was the best on-screen couple? Megan Fox/Shia LaBeouf (‘Transformers’) – 28%

14. Who was the worst off-screen couple? Evalyn: Evan Rachel Wood/Marilyn Manson – 40%

15. Which was the biggest news story? Anna Nicole Smith Dies of Combined-Drug Intoxication – 48%

16. Which was the strangest celebrity arrest? Bill Murray for driving drunk in golf cart in Stockholm – 30%

17. Who was the hottest movie star MILF? Angelina Jolie – 43%

18. Who was the sexiest babe of the year? Megan Fox (‘Transformers’) – 42%

19. Who was the hottest hunk of the year? Johnny Depp (‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’) – 29%

20. Which actor gave the worst performance? Eddie Murphy (‘Norbit’) – 46%

21. Which actress gave the worst performance? Lindsay Lohan (‘I Know Who Killed Me’) – 58%

22. Who had the best nude scene? Eva Mendes (‘We Own the Night’) – 35%

23. Which was the best movie that nobody saw? ‘Gone Baby Gone’ – 27%

24. Which 2008 movie are you most excited for? ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ – 41%





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