Music: Top Ten of 2007

3 01 2008

Damn good year for hip-hop last year year.  Here’s the 10 best albums that dropped. 

  • 10.    Black Milk – Popular Demand:  Debut album from longtime Slum Village collaborator Black Milk shows that even with Dilla gone, the Detroit sound lives on.  With tons of projects on deck (Sean Price, Pharaoh Monche to name a couple)  things are lookin bright for the youngin.  9-1 after the commute

  •  9.   Little Brother – Get Back: While nothing is toppin the Listening, Phonte and Pooh showed that even without 9th Wonder they are more than capable of producing top notch material
  • 8.   Lupe Fiasco – The Cool:   Probably my most anticipated album going into this year, even Coldplay-esque production can’t keep Lupe from establishing himself as one of hip-hop’s premier lyricists on this conceptual heatrock
  • 7.  UGK – Underground Kingz: Bun B and Pimp C(RIP) came with one of the best double albums in hip-hop history this year. Fueled by the monster International Player’s Anthem single, UGK was finally able to add commercial success to their already legendary career.
  •  6.  Styles P – Super Gangsta Extraordinary Gentleman – Nobody in hip-hop can make the claim of putting out more high quality consistent material in a shorter period of time than Styles over these past couple years.  This album is no different, as the hardest rapper out comes through with another album with almost no wack tracks, proving that you don’t need big name producers to cook up the best product
  • 5.  Pharaoh Monche – Desire: After a long hiatus (fuckin Rawkus) Monche returned this year and delivered on all fronts.  Tracks like What it Is and Trilogy remind the listeners why there’s no one who can duplication Monche’s style.
  • 4.  Ghostface – The Big Doe Rehab – With the Wu drowning in their own beef, Ghost hit the masses again with another sure shot.  Superb production and enough vivid stories to vault Ghost to all time great status made this an album that any rap fan should have in rotation.
  • 3.  Jay-Z –  American Gangster – After the debacle that was Kingdom Come Jay-Z managed to do what every washed up rapper dreams of: he used the movie of the same name as an excuse to turn back the clock on his career and rap like he was a youngin again.  The result: a conceptual masterpiece that belongs right next to his best work.  And the winner is Hov. . . almost.
  • 2.  Talib Kweli – Eardrum: Kweli came through like a champ in 07 and delivered arguably his finest work since his Hi-Tek days.  After finally shoring up his flow and keeping the lyrics tight, Talib finally put out an album worth credibly putting him in any top MC discussion.
  • 1.  Blu and Exile – Below the Heavens: Debut album from newcomer Blu and Emanon producer Exile turned out to be the overall strongest release of 2007, and arguably the best release over the last couple years in hip-hop.  The perfect marriage of beats, rhymes and life was dope enough to satisfy any lover of good music.
Honorable mentions: Scarface “Made”, Polyrythym Addicts “Breaking Glass”, Median “Median’s Relief”, Evidence “The Weatherman LP”, Kanye West “Graduation”
– Abq 



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