SUICIDE WATCH: Britney Spears

4 01 2008

It happened!

 Last night Britney Spears suffered an extreme mental breakdown and took one of her children, Jayden James, hostage in a room. The drama unfolded Thursday night after Spears refused to turn over custody to the bodyguard of ex Kevin Federline.

After placing older son Sean Preston into a car, Britney held up in a room with Jayden James. Cops broke into the room and had to tie her down to a gurney to constrain her.

A source to US WEEKLY says, “They had to strap her down like a mental patient and she was going between laughing and hysterics,” adding the she had “a total psychotic breakdown. She just went crazy.”

Britney is now under psychiatric and suicide watch at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Check some crazy paparazzi footage after the commute.

Britney Spears entering the hospital

KFed blocks asshole paps from getting photos of the kids




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