Ho Fa Sho: Pre-Op Angel Lola Luv

20 02 2008

OK, so I am a female… but before the evil “h” word (hate, mufugs) starts getting thrown around, let me say that thickness, big asses, boobies, pretty faces… BEAUTIFUL. Naturalness and even enhanced beauty can be beautiful if you own up to it! However, Angel Lola Luv swears up and down that her ass is real. Here’s a throwback clip. Judge for yourself.

 Yes… we know you’d still hit…


(12)5 for the Grind: RIP J. Dilla

10 02 2008

Damn its been a minute.  R.I.P. to one of the greats Jay Dee who passed feb 10th a couple years ago.  Since its been a minute and since I been MIA, heres about 125 or so of dillas best productions, zipped up nice and tidy

  •  downloadx.jpg Part 1
  • downloadx.jpg  Part 2
  • downloadx.jpg  Part 3
  • downloadx.jpg  Part 4
  • downloadx.jpg  Part 5


MUSIC: Re-up Gang – We Got It For Cheap Vol 3.: The Spirit Of Competition

3 02 2008


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MUSIC: We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 Tracklist

1 02 2008

Yeah I, know I kinda OD with the Re-up Gang posts but hey, what can ya say. They make the music that I like to hear. So hears another posts about em. Back CD cover w/ tracklist for you all to salivate over . I can assure you the kind folks at RMTL will have this for you as soon as it hits the streets. In the immortal words of Busta Rhymes “Stay tuuuuuned!!!”


MUSIC: Hell Rell – “Rumors”

1 02 2008

Dipset’s self proclaimed “Harsest Out” drops a new track. He attempts to clear up the confssuion thats bee goin on over at Diplomat Records. Doesnt really do a good job but the track is nice in its own right. Give it a spin.