MUSIC: Raekwon Ft. Ghostface – Necro

14 05 2008

Wu-Tang wonder twins and arguably Hip-Hop’s nicest duo are back at us again. Originally I intended to type up some kind of summary for the track but I’ve since changed my mind when I realized something I’m gonna call the “Ragu Effect.” READMORE after the bounce.

The RAGU Effect; n.1. Named for the likness of its two main proprietors. The Ragu Effect occurs when the overall rating of any and/or all content is immediately rendered null and void, due to the excitement caused by the participation of the specific parties or persons, usually based on successes of previous collaborations.

For instance, in the past Ghost & Rae have produced so much top notch material together that any present day project featuring the two of them quickly induces a level of excitement based on nothing other that seeing the two names together. The content in these instances are almost secondary.

Thankfully they rarely drop the ball and the content actually lives up to the hype produced by this phenomena. This in turn only adds to the list of quality material and further strengthens the power of the RAGU Effect.

Other instances of the RAGU Effect include but are not limited to:

Nas and DJ Premier
Nas and AZ
T.I. and DJ Toomp

Anyway heres the track. Shouts to Hip-Hop DX. He gone…

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