Curious George For President???

15 05 2008

Obama really looks like Curious George????


As if the Jeremiah Wright’s of the world haven’t made the campaign trail difficult enough for Barack Obama, some clown in Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, has joined the circus. A story recentlypublished in the Atlanta Journal Constitution tells the tale of Mike Norman, owner of Mulligan’s Bar & Grill, and and his latest business venture. Apparently, he thought Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama bared an eerie resemblance to a children’s book star dating back in the early 40’s. Yes, the furry Hominid we all know and love. The adorable chimpanzee, Curious George!!!

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In a twist straight out of a Marvel comic, Norman’s super-human visual acuity aided him in arriving at this conclusion. When asked about his decision to make these t-shirt available for sale, he makes note of Obama’s hairline and ears and how he, “just looks like Curious George.” To his credit, he acknowledges the stereotype’s roots in Jim Crow, but in another feat of super-human ability, Norman makes an @$$ out of himself in the same breath, while sticking his foot in his mouth, when he shares his belief that there’s nothing wrong with the comparison.

UNBELIEAVABLE!!!!! Being based here in Atlanta, I need to see this guy for myself….I tell ya, with all these extraordinary abilities, this guy could David Blaine a run for his money!!!



This just in: David Blaine, in an effort to set ANOTHER world record, has just trumped Mike Norman by offending EVERY African-American on earth, by name….He says I look like a monkey, judge for yourself. Here’s a picture of me and a friend of mine a few years ago:





Me & Mike


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