King Noble Mailbag: Sex and the City Edition

30 05 2008

King Noble....

PEACE! To my peoples in the penals, hold ya heads. King Midas is back. Y’all know how I do, resident politician and all that. Keep an eye out for the book, Readin’ Between the Lines: The Art of Sayin’ Nothin’.

Wit’ the movie and all’lat ’bout to drop, I had to get prepped to escort my wiz to the flick. Wit the knowledge of a 1,000 elders on the circumference of Stonehenge, I’ma put you on like hot butter on what, say what, the popcorn….
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Del Negro (Folsom State Penitentiary): Noble, who’s your favorite character on “Sex and the City”?

King Noble (ReadMore, Talk Less Mothership): Peace fam, hold ya head and spread the textuals! Yo, my favorite character on the real, was sun. His whole character was real ill, like how he used to be in the scene right, and just freaked it! That reminded me of this other cat. Sun’s game was mean!!!

Quisqueya Dominicana Mamcita (Washington Heights, NY): Hi Noble…..What do you know about the plot of the movie?

KN (RMTL Mothership): Peace ma, how you? Lovin’ ya style like the new doo rags wit’ the nylon GPS strings. Ayo, lemme tell you, this whole flick is about the 4 shorties doin’ they thing. A lotta cats be like, “yo Noble, c’mon sun, for real???” I tell ’em, yo, they get it done B! This movie is just more of the old, but new like, Christmas, open ya gift, you aint even know what it was new. Brand new, feel me?

Glock-9 (Compton, CA): &*() you Noble!!! I can’t believe you like this &()#!!! Tell it like it is, all these women are straight up sluts!!!!!

KN (RMTL Mothership) Yo Glock, my bad sun. I aint even know the arts caused ya estrogen to do a round-off in ya brain and meltdown? How you got midol/tampex on me??? For real young, you can’t knock they hustle for real. They got down, shedded dude and kept it movin’. Learn ya lesson B!

Dawn (Duuuuuvaaaaal): Why do guys hate the show Sex in the City?

KN (RMTL Mothership): Peace Dawn. I feel ya energy from here ma. Lick off a shot if you love King Noble! If there’s not a chick you would consider makin’ it rain on, dudes won’t get hype. Trust we’d rather pace the block for Sunday Night Cee-Lo (456, dice, See-Lo..whateva you call it). Tossin’ that cake is sure to bring a bird or two to the spot so me and my mens could catch ears wit’em. 

Francais (Eiffel Tower): How did the girls from “Sex & the City” meet?

KN (RMTL Mothership): Peace to the whole Europe. My dude Lou Vuitton, I see you baby!!!!! Yo, a lotta people don’t know this, but they met on the humble. They was all at the spot, and clicked up from there. A lotta bottle poppin’ and politicin’ was jumpin’ off, but from there, they was just like arm and arm through it all. They stood tall like the Great Wall of Jersey. 

Thanks to all once again for welcoming me to the RMTL fam.  I hope I was able to enlighten y’all wit my insight into some of life’s wildest things. As always, the specifics in which I deal might be too much for the average bean to consume and compute, but I keeps it thoro…For all y’all stay 100 and keep an eye out for the book, Readin’ Between the Lines: The Art of Sayin’ Nothin’


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