ENTERTAINMENT: Punisher 2: Warzone Trailer

13 06 2008

I dint particularly like the first one. This one seems to be sizing up to be a little better but I’m not gettin my hopes up. He gone…


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ARTS – PIECEBOOK: The Secret Drawings Of Graffiti Writers Book Release Party

10 06 2008

The graffiti movement is one that has long influenced streetwear, culture and art in general. Sasha Jenkins (Ego Trip Magazine, White Rapper show) and Legendary Artist Chino BYI, in conjunction with 10.Deep gives you a look behind the scenes into the graffiti world before it immortalized onto walls – the beginnings of masterpieces.

Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers is a compilation of sketches from world famous artists and will be on prominent display on Thursday, June 12th as 10.Deep holds a gallery reception for the release of the book. The event will showcase prints from select artists featured in the book and a special package including a copy on the book, a Piecebook tee and sharpie will be available for sale at the event. The package will also be available at the 10 Spot starting Friday, June 13th @ 12pm EST. For more info on the book, click here. – Freshnessmag

Im far more interested in the book than the release party. But for thos unlike me heres the info.

Thursday, June 12th @ 8pm – 10pm
Reed Space
151 Orchard Street
New York, NY 1000

Pics of available 10 Deep/Piecebook Sharpie and tee after jump. Read the rest of this entry »

SPORTS: Baron Davis in La La Land?

2 06 2008

Baron Davis enjoys a courtside laugh with Adam Sandler at a Laker playoff game. Davis has one year remaining on his current contract with the Golden State Warriors with an Early Termination Option at his disposal. Recent news has Davis’ agent a bit ticked off at a low ball offer made by the Warriors to extend Davis’ contract. We all know Davis is a Cali boy. Does Kobe have the star power to draw a superstar point guard into the fold? Only time will tell. Props to Davis for reppin the Cali culture, cap and S/S flannel both by The Hundreds. He gone…


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Mike Tyson: Talk of the Town, in Cannes, France????

19 05 2008

Upon the debut of the all access documentary of Kid Dynamite, Mike Tyson, in Cannes, a standing ovation was granted to Tyson at the conclusion of the film. The Times Online outlines the project which features archived interviews and footage of the former heavyweight king.

For such an obvious troubled soul, you can only hope that someday Iron Mike gets his life back on track. Until then, check out some of Mike’s Best and Worse:

SEEMORE after the jump

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4 05 2008

Drifting throughout the internet this weekend I came across this site. Exclusively dedicated to graffiti handstyles. For those not “in the know” a handstyle is a simple writing void of 3D styling as well as most other effects. The vast majority consist simply of ink (or paint), nothing more nothing less. Pretty dope spot I’ll say complete with portfolio, downloads and a good amount of videos. Be sure to give ’em a look. More vids and links after the commute.

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A&E: Hottest Girl of 2007

3 01 2008

Super hottie Megan Fox is “sexiest babe of the year,” according to an AOL.com/Moviefone poll. She racked up 42 per cent of the votes, exceeding Jessica Alba by a 12 point stretch. Check the rest of The Best and Worst of 2007: Year-End Poll after the commute.

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UPDATE: Lil Romeo = Big Daddy?

28 12 2007

Word on the strees is Lil Romeo is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby. Another rumor says the father is a (much older) Hollywood executive. Spears’ ex, Casey Aldridge, allegedly took the fall for a nice hunk of change. Someone get Maury on the phone!