Royalty Joins the RMTL Fam….Introducing King Noble

22 05 2008

King Noble!!!


In what was nothing short of a coup for our lil’ slice of the blogosphere, we are extremely proud to announce that none other than the mighty King Noble has joined the ReadMore, TalkLess (RMTL) family. While you may be there thinkin’, “Who the &*()* is King Noble?”, let me assure you that this budding literary giant and industry-respected motivational speaker has been the mentoring voice behind some of the biggest and brightest minds in the world today. With the pending release of his latest masterpiece, “Readin’ Between the Lines: The Art of Sayin’ Nothin'”, the opportunity to link up with King Noble was perfectly timed.

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you all King Noble, so I’ve (aveboogie) transcribed a recent interview I had with “Mr. Crown Royale” himself. Without further ado, King Noble:

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