Mike Tyson: Talk of the Town, in Cannes, France????

19 05 2008

Upon the debut of the all access documentary of Kid Dynamite, Mike Tyson, in Cannes, a standing ovation was granted to Tyson at the conclusion of the film. The Times Online outlines the project which features archived interviews and footage of the former heavyweight king.

For such an obvious troubled soul, you can only hope that someday Iron Mike gets his life back on track. Until then, check out some of Mike’s Best and Worse:

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ENT: HBO PPV Floyd Mayweather Vs Ricky Hatton

9 12 2007

Merry Christmas chumps!!
For those that missed the PPV last night or were just too cheap to pay for it. Will be re-aired on HBO this coming Saturday but why wait. Pretty good fight and thats all I’ll say to avoid spoiling it. Lets get ready to ruumb…..after the commute.
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