Clinton Abandoning Ship???

3 06 2008


“You should’ve dropped out a minute ago, dumb @$$!!!!!! You wasted MAD money tryin to ish on a n*&&@!”


Is the end of Hillary Clinton’s presidential capaign near? Apparently, the news that she plans to acknowledge Obama’s caputre of the necessary delegates and suspend her own campaign suggests just that. In my humble, loudly stated opinion, this was a move a long time in the making. Once Obama surged ahead in the popular count following 12 straight primary and caucus wins, ending with Clinton’s win in Ohio, it seemed that the front running Clinton ran out of time and money.

Truly a valiant amd hard-fought effort by Mrs. Clinton, however, had she not jumped out the gate feeling entitled to the Democratic nomination, perhaps this all works out differently.

As for Obama, you gots some work to do brotha! He needs to turn his attention to the rural voters and Hispanics, where Hillary wiped the floor with him time and again, however, CHANGE is in progress. 


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Edwards Endorses Obama As Democratic Presidential Candidate

15 05 2008

Obama gains endorsement from Edwards

Obama: Yo, you got that for me fam? You been frontin’ on me for a minute!
Edwards: Oh no doubt! You my dude for President!

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Curious George For President???

15 05 2008

Obama really looks like Curious George????


As if the Jeremiah Wright’s of the world haven’t made the campaign trail difficult enough for Barack Obama, some clown in Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, has joined the circus. A story recentlypublished in the Atlanta Journal Constitution tells the tale of Mike Norman, owner of Mulligan’s Bar & Grill, and and his latest business venture. Apparently, he thought Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama bared an eerie resemblance to a children’s book star dating back in the early 40’s. Yes, the furry Hominid we all know and love. The adorable chimpanzee, Curious George!!!

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