MUSIC: 5|5|08 M³ – Monday Motivational Media

5 05 2008

Yup, another weekend in the books and its back to the daily grind for the most of us. Ive decided to start a particular weekly feature in an attempt to get us all up and rolling. Its gonna be called M³ – Monday Motivational Media. Each week this post will contain a feel good track, spirit brightening video clip or maybe just a funny picture I happened to come across. Now unfortunately I just came up wit the idea so this fist M³ is a tad bit late. Here we go nonetheless.

Heres a feel good track off the debut LP by The Diplomats’ Diplomatic Immunity Vol.1 entitled I Really Mean It. Cam’ron and The Dips recieve their fair share of criticism but they definitely had their run. If you stop to think about it their influences have stuck and are apparent in Hip-Hop til this day. They also have made enough hot tracks to last ’em quite a while. Sped up samples amongst some dope Just Blaze production does the trick this time around. Give it a listen and get your Monday goin. He gone



MUSIC: Hell Rell – “Rumors”

1 02 2008

Dipset’s self proclaimed “Harsest Out” drops a new track. He attempts to clear up the confssuion thats bee goin on over at Diplomat Records. Doesnt really do a good job but the track is nice in its own right. Give it a spin.