R. Kelly Lives to Pee Another Day

13 06 2008

Pee On You


Man…this is so disgustin’, I can’t even discuss…

Just read about it……..


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UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

3 01 2008

Who even cares anymore?

 I swear, this is the last update I am making on this circus. Raz-B and his brother were obvioulsy in need of a few bills, which Chris Stokes obviously paid, and now it’s done.

Check a clip the threesome outside Mr. Chow’s at TMZ.com. Listen to see what’s-his-name hug Chris and say “Family unity, for all the haters.” Haters? HATERS?! These mofos went on a rampage about getting raped up the ass, and he calls the people who believed the story haters?????

 For the record, I still believe they were fucking, but liked it.

UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

28 12 2007

A man who goes by the name “E Jizza The Boss” and works for Raz-B and Ricky Romance’s JMC Management Group recently sent a message to Allhiphop.com. Dude calls Chris Stokes a “gay version of Suge Knight” – What a way to ring in the new year! Peep the message after the commute.

ALSO: Raz-B left a message on his Myspace playing down rumors that he is in hiding and shook down by the Bloods. Check that after the commute.

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UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

27 12 2007

Recap: Over the weekend, a two-part video of DeMario “Raz-B” Thorton and his brother Ricky “Romance” Thorton hit YouTube. In the clips, Raz-B video tapes himself making calls to the family of Marques Houston to expose the fact that MH and manager Chris Stokes have been raping him for years. Houston’s sisters are outraged and crying – but never denied the incidents. Chris Stokes claimed that he “doesn’t do that anymore.” Ricky made comments to MTV.com claiming Stokes molested several members of the boy bands he managed.

Days after this footage was released, Raz-B released another video. In it he recants the allegations made on the videos and claimed they were released without his consent. A voice in the background can be heard coaching him on exactly what to say.

Now, Ricky Thorton has claimed that Raz-B has gone missing. He hasn’t seen or heard from him in more than a day. Rumors are talking that he has been kidnapped or forced into hiding by Bloods paid by Chris Stokes. No, I am not making this up.

Keep checking back for more info as it comes.

Check a recent interview with Ricky Thorton after the commute.

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BREAKING: Chris Stokes Molested TUG Family

24 12 2007

WOW! You must watch these videos. They are of former B2K member “Raz-B” confronting Marques Houston’s family and Chris Stokes about the sexual misconduct going on at the TUG Entertainment Group – which consists of B2K, Marques Houston, Immature/IMx, and others. I was a big fan of Immature back in the day… but this comes as no suprise. Cover your ass after the commute.


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