UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

3 01 2008

Who even cares anymore?

 I swear, this is the last update I am making on this circus. Raz-B and his brother were obvioulsy in need of a few bills, which Chris Stokes obviously paid, and now it’s done.

Check a clip the threesome outside Mr. Chow’s at TMZ.com. Listen to see what’s-his-name hug Chris and say “Family unity, for all the haters.” Haters? HATERS?! These mofos went on a rampage about getting raped up the ass, and he calls the people who believed the story haters?????

 For the record, I still believe they were fucking, but liked it.


BREAKING: I Guess it Didn’t Hurt that Bad

27 12 2007

Raz-B recants the rape allegations he made ON TAPE against Chris Stokes and Marques Houston.