UPDATE: R.I.P. Momma West

10 01 2008

Today the Los Angeles coroner’s office released their findings into the study of what caused the death of Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West. Take the commute for more info.

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UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

3 01 2008

Who even cares anymore?

 I swear, this is the last update I am making on this circus. Raz-B and his brother were obvioulsy in need of a few bills, which Chris Stokes obviously paid, and now it’s done.

Check a clip the threesome outside Mr. Chow’s at TMZ.com. Listen to see what’s-his-name hug Chris and say “Family unity, for all the haters.” Haters? HATERS?! These mofos went on a rampage about getting raped up the ass, and he calls the people who believed the story haters?????

 For the record, I still believe they were fucking, but liked it.

UPDATE: The Chris “Strokes” Saga

28 12 2007

A man who goes by the name “E Jizza The Boss” and works for Raz-B and Ricky Romance’s JMC Management Group recently sent a message to Allhiphop.com. Dude calls Chris Stokes a “gay version of Suge Knight” – What a way to ring in the new year! Peep the message after the commute.

ALSO: Raz-B left a message on his Myspace playing down rumors that he is in hiding and shook down by the Bloods. Check that after the commute.

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UPDATE: Lil Romeo = Big Daddy?

28 12 2007

Word on the strees is Lil Romeo is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby. Another rumor says the father is a (much older) Hollywood executive. Spears’ ex, Casey Aldridge, allegedly took the fall for a nice hunk of change. Someone get Maury on the phone!


27 12 2007

Jay-Z has officially quit as president of Def Jam. I hope he doesn’t have another retirement concert at MSG.