10 01 2008

Coca Cola, perhaps the most popular soft drink of all time, decided 2008 would be the right time to expand its brand. Unfortunately, it was not received as well as expected. Score one for Pepsi. Read more after the commute.

Coca Cola recently debuted the collection of “Coca Cola Clothing” at a fashion show held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coke is not only the most famous soda pop on the market, but the brand has become a popular culture icon.

Unfortunately, the designs – dreamed up by Thais Rossiter – are said to be unfortunate and pedestrian. A retro look seemed to have been strived for – as evidence by the denim jackets and high tops strutting down the catwalk – but it missed the mark.

To me, it looks like they worked hard to get the hipster vote.

Picture c/o Made in Brazil; Info c/o FWD




2 responses

10 01 2008

God! I am SO sick of those stupid scarves! Yeah, they were kinda cool when Balenciaga and Johann Lindeberg sent them down the runway, but this trend is so over saturated! It has gotten to the point where it just makes me think of 13 year old boys in suburban malls wearing girl jeans from zumies!

11 01 2008

I kinda agree… it was hot at some point, but the trend had passed… they are like a year and a half too late to “debut” a look like that

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